DENISTONE ITHALAT VE IHRACAT LTD. STI. natural stones, naturalstones, naturalstone, marble natural stones, marble stones, marbles, travertines, bluestone tumbled marble
ILKIM MAKINA KALIP PLASTIK FIRCA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S. Vacuum Cleaner Hoses, Vacuum Cleaner Nozzles, Plastic Parts, Plastic Components, Parts Of Injection, Injection Molded Parts, Injection Mould Design, Custom Plastic Parts
IZMIR ORTOPEDI TIBBI KORSE SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Ankle Stabilizator, Ankle Wristband, Brace, Cervical Corset, Compression Sock, Corset, Crutch, Elbow Crutch
KARACA MEKATRONIK KONVEYOR VE OTOMASYON SISTEMLERI MAKINA SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI aluminium profile, aluminum profile, sigma profile, linear motion system, industrial automation, conveyor, automatic guided vehicle, Mechatronics
ITIMAT PEYNIRCILIK SUT A.S. milk products, dairy products, milk, ayran, kefir, yogurt, yoghurt, cheese
ALTINKILIC GIDA SUT A.S. milk, dairy products, food, kefir yoghurt, strawberry kefir yogurt, yoghurt with apricot linen, blueberries kefir yoghurt, plain kefir

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Our company, which was established in 2003, operates in the fields of; Aluminum Sigma Profile and Accessories Linear Motion Systems Conveyor and Automation Systems AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)
Company founder, Mehmet Altinkilic cheese in 1957, Turkey's leading company in the sector began in 1976 as an apprentice Unkapani district cheese 17 m2 renting a workplace begins trading. In 1980, wit
Our products serve to stay healthy, regain your health, feel good and raise your living standards. Every stage of a new product, from the initial design stage to the different stages in production, is subjected to strict control. This is an indication of Izmir Orthopedics' understanding of quality and the value it gives to people.
Our company is located in an area of 10700 m2 with 3000 m2 closed work area in Torbali, IZMIR. This company was established in 1998. It is one of the most experienced companies in the sector. Our company exports to the near east and Europe. It is one of the leading companies in Turkey. It has got a variety of products. Our company is also going to be the most power full in the sector in Turkey. Ilkim Makina pays attention to solation methods which is based on customer.
ITIMAT DAIRY PRODUCTS, which was founded by the father of the family Ahmet KARA in 1949, was incorporated by his sons Halil KARA and Rifat KARA. The company began its operations with a daily productio
DENISTONE is one of the leading marble natural stone supplier which is located in Izmir TURKEY . We currently export our products all over the world. Countries are included USA , England, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia We are dedicated to offering unparalleled quality, knowledge. DENISTONE prides itself on our large inventory, great service, superior dedication and professionalism acquired from years of experience, enabling us to meet and exceed the industry standards. Natural stone home DENISTONE is established in Izmir TURKEY Turkey is locating at one of the oldest marble production geography experiencing 4000 years natural stone production background starting at Marmara Island. With over 80 types and 400 different colours and patterns, Turkey has one of the world’s largest natural stone reserves, which is considered to be excellent quality. Turkey is also among the most important natural stone producers in the world, with its developing industry and production technology. Turkish natural stone sector has an important place in the world with its richness of variety and reserves, sector experience, abundance of raw materials, ease of shipment in sea transportation, its dynamic sector structure, the new technologies being utilized and its broad color spectrum.